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Funny how Seath is an easy boss, but when a 100%er tries to get all the weapons in the game, Seath becomes super tough guy because of his f***ing tail!
"strategy to kill Seath. Come on!!! I defeated him on my first try without even using Estus
Good luck doing so as a sorcerer! I killed him in my first playthrough with a greatsword on first try too, but now, with a sorc he is a pain in the ***! My strongest spell does 135 Damage!
The slumbering ring doesn't work with seath, he'll still turn and attack you regardless
FINALLY got this bastard's tail with my sorcerer! What worked for me was a crystal halberd with crystal magic weapon on it, used two handed. With that even my wet noodle sorcerer was able to do decent melee damage. I wore the cursebite ring and lingering dragoncrest ring to increase the weapon enchant time. Took about three tries with that combo but I did it.


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Alternatively, you could have made a +5 Enchanted weapon and hit just fine as a sorcerer.
I tried that initially but it was enough reach.
got the tail and killed him on the first try!
LMAO f@gs downvoting cuz they bad.
These downvotes are really petty.
Good job lol. so many scrubs are mad at you for beating an easy *** boss you show em.
Cosplay: Moonlight Greatsword, Tin Crystal catalyst, White dragon breath (and possible other crystal sorceries), Dragon torso stone. It will become Seath 2.0


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Nowhere in the game is it stated that Seath built the archives. They were granted to him. There's heavy evidence that the archives belonged to a craftsman deity who either died or departed from Anor Londo. This wiki is infested with speculation.
Part of the reason the second half of Dark Souls just doesn't feel quite as epic. This guy should be one of the greatest badasses in the world. One of the last Everlasting Dragons, granted a Lord Soul shard by Gwyn, and spent countless years experimenting and studying the mysteries of the soul, crystal, and magic. His boss fight is pretty easy and most people only remember that cutting his tail was kind of a pain in the ***. Lore wise, bosses like him and Nito should be way stronger than O & S, yet they're somewhat of a joke.



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yeah took me like ten tries to kill Ornstein and smough. but after ages preparing and worrying about how hard it's gonna be, killed nito in one try. his skeleton minions were more annoying than he was.
Not understanding the lore doesn't make the game bad, it means you should read more. The Lords and Seath have lost much of their power over the centuries. They aren't the creatures we see fighting (murdering) the dragons in cinematic cutscene. They are diminished by Gwyn's actions. Quick rundown of what has happened to them:

Witch of Izalith: Turned into the Bed of Chaos, not by choice, but by freak accident. This malformed web of roots isn't something she would function well in as she used to be human-like.
Seath: Went mad from his obsession to find immortality and thereby mutated his subjects and himself into grotesque beings with haphazard limbs and features that weren't granted for their need or usefulness. Seath WAS a dragon, but he's from that when we meet him. He easily destroys us in his study, but our reaching his immorality crystal sends him into a frenzied phobia, blinded by fear, he flails at us wildly in desperate hope of not dying.
Nito: His strength is directly drawn from the dead and death, but Gwyn's Undead curse, perhaps on purpose, cut down Nito's power as humans afflicted with the curse do not die. For this reason, Nito would lose more and more power as less and less humans/creatures die in the world.
Gwyn: He linked the first flame, but doing so burnt him to crisp, down to the soul. If we fought him at his height, he'd simply whisk us away in a single blow of lightning.
Just asking, would a +5 Chaos Zweihander, or a +5 Lightning Zweihander do more damage to Seath? Asking so I can do less farming between him and the Four Kings.



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The Chaos Zwei technically has higher damage values, but Dragons are weak to lightning and the official guide to the game recommends using Lightning weapons / gold pine resin. Lightning Zwei also carries bonus of not needing humanity to deal full damage, in case it takes more than one try.



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Constantly circling him at medium range works very well. It baits his lazor/crystal attack that will always miss you by just running to the right, leaving his side tail exposed and enough time to hit it at least 6-7 times. Cutting his big tail off (if you want the weapon) is the hardest part. He can sometimes do the tail slam immediately just from you going near it, so watch out for that and roll well away as the tail slam can repeat.