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def the hino enma of this game surprisingly tough and fast for its size just run you heavyst hitting weapon and slowly poke her down was using an axe despite me being a switchglaive kusi user took her finally down what felt like an ethernity
At least Hino Enma felt like it taught you something instead of making you attack an aggressive brick wall for half an hour.
The first two bosses were great starts! Then this***** happened...I really hate this boss.
shuriken and kunais to the face to hit his weakspot rlly *****s him up its worth investing in
carefull you sometimes even when locked on throw them sligthly to the side of the head use them sparingly
I *****ing hate this boss.
Try to force him 2 use the hand snakes (make em attack from ground) and then simply mezuki soul core to kill them (as a bonus u may hit him n the face w it) Dodge his attacks and stay away from him if possible then again try to make him attack from underground run n hit
Also use block during his spin2win attack, dashing is too risky.
This boss will let you win after roughly 6hrs. You will notice that the cap on blue grave summons gets increase by ~10lvls, and the boss no longer gets more difficult as fight progresses (no longer ramping up of attack tracking).
Let me elaborate a bit - I could not beat Yatsu-no-Kami yesterday for 5hrs or so. Today (after update) I died like 10 times, and then suddenly noticed several level 54 blue grave (was capped at 45 before). I was like "Finally this game understands my issues!" lol, and lo and behold, the boss was MUCH more docile. It never did the grab, allowing the summon to live a lot longer. And none of the moves received added tracking or damage as the fight went on. It was super obvious and super easy, and I finished the fight with 4 elixirs remaining.
Also the 1st time I used tonfas 2 beat him because they are quick and let you dodge nearly instantly
supposedly drops the Shrine Maiden armor smithing text .... not for me tho, damn thing hasnt dropped it in over 100 attempts
As in you beat it 100 times?
Seems insane to put a boss this difficult so early in the game
it is a bit weird but it makes you really understand how to approach some of the harder bosses
It's only ridiculous because of its cosmic healthpool for a boss at such an early point. It just seems like a terrible decision to put there.
this man tore my ****** to shreds