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Does anyone know where to find this thing? Been looking for it for a while now.
Also looking, no luck
This can be found in Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram Breach. When you leave the East Square Breach, cross the bridge with the demon, go downstairs and follow the long path, not the short one that there's a demon walking by a door. The long path takes you to a door that's looks like there's a boss fight, don't go in yet, instead, go up the stairs. There's some trash mobs here and a tram with an open door, run and jump to the other tram on the other building, fight the two demons, go downstairs and it'll be a big hall with two demons at the right side, go left, up the stairs, kill the demons and the trash mob, and you'll see the weapon at an altar as soon as you enter the room.