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what is best level for NG Plus Meta Level 120?
So if i start a ng i can keep the covenant for spear of church and still be a mini boss?
has new game plus always been new game plus or refered to as that as i dont remember it being called journey 1, 2 and 3 e.c.t?
What would be the best SL to he at before going to NG+4 because im at 244 right now
If you're at 244 I'm sure your character has reached the soft caps in most stats relevant to your playstyle, so you won't become much more powerful by leveling up more.
For example at 50 Vigor you'll have 1300 HP, but at 99 Vigor you'll have 1400 HP, so the investment of 50 more Vigor only netted you 100 more HP.



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What if before I went to ng+ I was around let's say sl 280, will ng+ scale the enemies and bosses with my soul level?
No, it would be the same difficulty if you were sl 1