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I just confirmed being able to save Greirat from lothric Castle. You have to get the lothric knight set and sell it to Patches. If you do this, a cutscene will trigger upon entering firelink shrine after the Grand Archives area where you fight tha Sage. They will both be sipping upon Siegbrews on greirats lil blanket and Patches will insult you for being a ****.
Doubt that a ton. To those who care for this man, do not listen to a word this guy says. Instead, keep him alive for as long as possible, and comfort him in this land full of misery and dread.
Jeez that sounds comfy. Friendship ahead.
It seems to be Patches take a liking with this guy here, even rescue him.

Sad, this guy dies in his plunder in castle.
Just confirmed myself on PS4. Killed Pontiff and The Dancer before even saving both Siegward and Greirat. But just before sending Greirat to Irithyl I saved Siegward. Then I sent Greirat, insured that Siegward was inplace in the kitchen then I killed Alva. Finally I killed The Old Demon King, returned to shrine and Greirat lives. So it does'nt matter when you kill Pontiff and The Dancer as long as you insure that Siegward is in place and you kill alva before killing a boss which triggers the return of Greirat
Do you actually have to fully cross the bridge or walk on it for him to offer to scavenge
I suppose the Little dog gives you problem, right?
Ok this page is a mess. I saved siegward, crossed irithyl bridge, cleared irithyl (except pontiff), sent greirat out, cleared dungeon, killed siegwards giant friend, greirat lived. This is how i've done it every NG so whys this page a mess. I went to send it to my friend whos doing his first NG and it says a ton of what i did should have killed the rat
this page really is a mess. if people are going with siegward's questline, speaking to siegward in the soup kitchen before sending greirat out will kill him off. you can clear out the irithyll dungeon before speaking to siegward in the kitchen as you said and still keep greirat alive. TL;DR: talking to siegward in the irithyll kitchen BEFORE sending greirat out on his 2nd outing = death / talking to siegward before you complete a boss AFTER sending greirat out on his 2nd outing = death
this page didn't explain how to trigger his return for the first voyage, and was extremely messy and hard to understand
You kill a boss, any boss, probably the greatwood
Ahh, i've failed...