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the safi jiiva bow is so incredibly cool when awakened!
no it’s not は医デェ
There is an English problem with the sentence ["safe" your mounts]. "Save", not "Safe". Please correct this.
Why is it smaller than xeno?
It’s not smaller. Safi crouches down, creating the illusion that it’s smaller. But if you look at the hunter’s notes’ sizes you can actually see that Safi is bigger.
One issue Completed Across the lost path and point of no return done loads of Recon Assignments but no The Red Dragon Quests wondering why its not showing up. Please help many thanks I have spoken to Seeker Do I have to complete the Master rank Kulve Taroth quest or is it an event that appears from time to time. Many thanks for the help.


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The Safii'jiva Siege is not active right now, Kulve Taroth is, once Kulve is gone Safii will come back
Thank you
How it feels to chew 5 gum? *gets pinned by Safi* *initiate your deathscream* Chew 5 gum, stimulate your senses.
All I wanna know is is Safi'jiiva is a male of a female. COME ON INTERNET!
Me: Hello, Safi'jiiva. Safi'jiiva: Hello. Me:Are you a male or a female? Safi'jiiva: I'd really not say and DON'T YOU DARE ASK MY GENDER! *I get pinned down by Safi'jiiva and he/she nearly eats me* Me: OH MAN! DANG'NABBIT!
Well safi's nuke attack is called sapphire star of the EMPEROR, so yeah. Plus he has something like a *****. You cant unsee it man
lol bring "Powderlife"
Guys how many safis have you killed? Personally this round i killed around 45+ but can only make 9 weps. Am i just unlucky?
beat him with a weapon you're comfy with, then swap to the type you want to drop before opening the rewards menu, the game points to the weapon you have equipped and gives you guaranteed drops of that weapon type
Hold up let me grab my powderlife