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Was playing with my friend with password tonight, sun bro equipped and signed a golden name, then being summoned to defend the boss before my friend can touch the sing after he die, is that sort of bug or what?
no, its just a feature of the ringed city.
I did some research of my own and took screenshots of my stats as a Spear against 1, 2, 3, and 4 players. I'd love to put this info into the wiki but it's locked up, comments here destroy any parsing, and soon we'll all be moving on to Elden Ring anyway. So instead you get the following jumbled mess. Since I can't paste any actual charts, here are some basic points: >>>(1.) Damage is entirely unchanged no matter how many opponents. If it takes you 6 hits to kill a player in the arena it will take you 6 to kill them as a Spear. >>>(2.) HP and attributes are also unchanged. The HP you have as a Spear is the HP you would have as an invader, meaning 70% of your embered HP. >>>(3.) You do get a bump in stamina and FP, although endurance and attunement are unchanged. In a 1v1 my stamina/FP were increased over my defaults by only +10% each, while in a 1v4 they were increased by +30% and +45%. In practice I never notice this difference, +10% is nothing in a 1v1 and 1v4s are too chaotic to notice an extra swing. >>>(4.) By far the biggest changes are in absorption and poise, both of which follow their own curves for increasing. Details ahead... >>>(5.) My average absorption (24) increased over my default by the following amounts: 1v1 +35% [32], 1v2 +150% [60], 1v3 +200% [72], 1v4 +235% [80]. That is not a typo, there really is a *massive* change from 1v1 to 1v2. >>>(6.) There's a formula at play where lower absorptions get more of a boost than higher, so as you face more opponents your absorptions start to all even out around the same numbers. For example my default player had 28 physical and 17 dark absorption, but by the time it was 1v4 they were 82 and 79. The more opponents you face the less your choices in armor matter. >>>(7.) My poise increased over my default (34) by the following: 1v1 +20% [41], 1v2 +40% [47.5], 1v3 +65% [56], 1v4 +95% [66]. This is not nearly as wild as the absorption changes but you do see bigger jumps in 1v3 and 1v4. >>>(8.) There are changes to poise that go beyond just the numbers, call it "Dark Souls 1 poise." For example in a 1v4 you can poise through daggers with a straight sword, something you can't do in the normal game even in full Havel's. >>>(9.) Spear fragment regeneration is faster with more opponents, to the point where in a 1v4 there's about 8 seconds between when the last one expires and a new one can be cast. >>> So after that, some general tips from this info: >>> Tip #1.) Free aim the fragment at a distance and it will create long walls which can separate groups. This is one of the keys to winning a 1v4, since the poise and absorption means one phantom separated from the other 3 is basically helpless against you. >>> Tip #2.) Fighting 1v1 gives hardly any buffs at all to the Spear, while the host still has 15 estus and embered health. As a Spear your minor 1v1 buffs basically just make up for the fact that you have 70% HP and not at all for the fact they have 15 estus, so your only real advantage is the Guardians. Prioritize keeping them alive, don't get caught up in trades since you'll lose the attrition battle, and strongly consider things like regeneration items and healing miracles. >>> Tip #3.) Since your HP is unaffected but your absorption skyrockets, regeneration items/miracles are incredibly powerful from 1v2 and up. Even just tossing on the Sun Princess ring can make a difference over a long battle, and if you manage to stack multiple regen items/buffs you can become a serious pain to kill. >>> Tip #4.) Summoning Patches against the Spear is probably the absolute worst mistake you can make if you're the host, and is a major blessing if you're the Spear. Not only do the buffs from 1v1 to 1v2 take a massive jump, but Patches is slow, predictable, and an Undead Hunter Charm or Alluring Skull will thoroughly break his AI. If a 1v1 is the hardest battle to win as a Spear, a 1v2 involving Patches is the easiest.
yeah we'll all move onto elden ring when it comes out in 2030
thanks for taking the time, this wiki is ridiculously elitist, and it's still full of circlejerk and subjective bs
just like any internet community really


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Does Judicator Argo have to be alive for you to join this covenant? Just asking as i think this is the covenant i want to be in at the end.
No, you only need to resurrect him if you want to fight the Spear again. Also you can switch any covenants any time you want, you don't need to pick just one to be in "at the end."
I got lucky because the guy that was summoned was afk till last second
Where are your blues now, casul? What good are your phantoms now, boy? WHERE ARE YOUR MOMMYS AND DADDYS NOW, B**CH??
Woohoo it's just a game Focker.
I really dislike that you get summoned for putting down a white coop sign. I often try to black crystal out as I'm not equipped for that kind of PvP battle which ruins things for everyone involved. I like the covenant and enjoy the challenge, but you should only be summoned if your currently in the covenant or are a hostile invader. Not a warrior of sunlight. Doesn't really make a lot of sense
Well, you ARE summoned to help. It only changes who are you helping.
Yes my favorite covenant.

Simps of the church
Where are your blues now, host? What good are your phantoms now, boy? WHERE ARE YOU MOMMYS AND DADDYS, *****??
I beat Darkeater Midir and got the pendant for this covenant, but being summoned as a boss fight took WAY too long! Idk what was going on, but I wasn’t gonna wait all night just to be summoned; side note, I put my summon sign OUTSIDE the entrance of the church in the Ringed City, so what the **** was I doing wrong!?
Just keep trying, it's never easy to gankspank.
Ironic to think that Amir dude made a much better Spear of the Church boss with cheat engine.