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This weapon isn't actually broken at all it's just designed for players to be able to mimic the boss fight lady maria
That’s why it’s broken because bosses are naturally far more powerful than our characters. With that said I still adore the weapon.
Overrated and broken.
Salty and whiny
^hurr durr ur sholty
Somebody is bad with every other weapon in the game apparently...
The Rakuyo emits red sparks instead of the usual orange while transforming which may hint that it’s actually traces of blood
I use this during invasions and it’s so stupid. R1 spamming opponent? R2 hyper armour to stop them! Host and co-operators? L2 spin of death and despair! Opponent survives more than 30 seconds of your BS and has a read of the move set? R1/R2 + L2 for brand new attacks to throw them off guard! Weakness? Missing.
Weakness? A parry you *****ing *
That salty reply lol. Every weapon can be parried but each also have their individual weaknesses whereas the rakuyo simply doesn’t
I wish this was a bloodtinge weapon. You'd think it would be, since Maria uses blood attacks in her boss fight.
Did you even try to read the item description
read the item description champ
I did not read the description, I just remembered the fight. It makes more sense now (you could have been a LITTLE less condescending, but it's worth it to have more knowledge I guess).
Interesting they put this right near the end of the DLC, close to a blood rock. It means most people who get it may be able to upgrade to +10 immediately. They must have considered that when placing it there :)
Is it worth the effort to get this?
You need it for the trophy. Otherwise, nahh.
“ A Threaded Cane's transformed whip can easily hit the giants from the ledge once they're lured over and begin attacking, but be sure to keep your distance after each hit. Except that there is no way to lure them over the the ledge. No ranged weapon will hit the one standing at the back and the one hanging from the ceiling doesn't drop down until the first one is at 50% health. ”

Why does the second half completely negate the first half? And why is the second half completely wrong? Throwing knives work fine. You just can’t lock on, so it takes a bit of trial and error to get it right. Get fully stocked on regular and poison knives just to be sure. Took me about 5 tries, but it could easily take more.
Like stated above, using the shaman blade makes this easy to get. Easiest way to get the Rakuyo is to parry the first giant until half health. It actually has two attacks with decent parry window. Don't stay too far away from it otherwise it would charge at you which is quite hard to dodge due to limited space in the area. Stay at around mid range to bait out its attack then parry. It took about 2-3 parries for the first giant to reach half health for me. Then, once the other giant drops down, lure it to you away from the other damaged giant. Try to dodge or parry its attack but dont attack it and just use the shaman blade on it. It will attack the other giant and while they're fighting just sneak in few hits and there. In my experience, the said giant will have less than 50% of its hp once it had killed the other one which makes it easier to fini***** off. I did this in my first playthrough and did it with only me failing one time.
The virgin blade of mercy versus the Chad Rakuyo