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Adds 10% per level, not 5%. The only correct tool tip in-game can be found by examining the 'Soulbound' status of your summon.
Am I understanding correctly that all of the abilities in the Summoning skill tree scale completely independent of the Intelligence stat? Meaning a character who never puts the first point into Intelligence will still get 100% of the benefits of Summoning?
Apart from the two bolt spells, this is correct. However, when you build a summoning character, there's a lot of good combos that rely on attributes (often intelligence) or other combat skills. The most obvious example is the Raise Bloated Corpse + Supercharger combo. The Bloated Corpse's stats do not depend on intelligence (only caster level and Summoning), but its Vile Explosion skill does scale with intelligence. If you combo all of the above with Corpse Explosion, that also scales with intelligence (and warfare because it's physical damage).
The explosion from Bloated Corpse scales on the int of the summon. Which in turn scales off your summoner skill level.
Do the summons benefit from the summoner's talents? E.g. does a flaming totem deal more damage if the summoner has multiple levels in Pyrokinetic? Does the summon apply statuses through armour if the summoner has torturer?
It doesn't work for either :(
I find raising int as a summoner to have the best combat efficiency compared to other stats. You need to max summoning quickly, so you won't have much to do other then spam dimensional bolt from turn 2, and the bolt scales from intelligence. Also the tree has a very powerful charm which has a positive synergy with magic damage. I usually go for 1-1-1 ratio between Wits, Int and Memory until I don't need more of the latter. Then I follow with 1-1-1 between Wits, Int and Con. You can splash here and there out of order if you need Con for a shield or Wits to push your initiative, but the general pattern works really well.