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I didn't get this after defeating the Darklurker.
I just got the regular 2nd rank reward for the covenant instead. >=(
Did you do all three challenge?
quit and retalk to him
It's not after defeating Darklurker, but you reach rank3 only if you kill darklurker. U know, that gives +1 rank.
Did you light up the fire beacons in each locations?
If you beat dark chasm and darklurker in one go you might have to talk to him again
behold beehive head
The worst iteration of the crown



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then dont get it
No that honor goes to ds3
i just have two complains about the set. The first one is that you have to kill one of the hardest bosses in the vanilla game and the second is the size of the zanthous crown, why the hell they didn't kept the size that is was in DS1?!
Actually i don't think that the darkluker is that hard, i passed him on 2 try.
You’d think you’d get some badass dark armor or even Grandahl robes if you beat the Darklurker, but no, you get the costume that looks like a used q-tip.
I love the headgear for its resemblance of that boss battle in demon souls where (until, unfortunately, now) you could be the boss with that and can be the scummy boss with a early attack, or face someone like that (or go offline like a coward) looks terrible as a headgear just more nostalgia than anything
freaking DS3 made the set better looking
You utter fool! The ds1 Xanthous set is the best because it requires skill to use, predicting your enemies attacks when you can't even see them because your do fabulous!


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Oh yeah, it's big brain time.