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One of the best weapons for a dexterity buid, or a paladin (dexterity + faith).


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Infuse it with dark or fire, then buff it with Flame/Dark/Resonant Weapon for 5 damage types, just for giggles.
this weapon pairs great with a heide knight sword in the left. You can use the heide knight's relatively low stamina r2s (compared to the drakeblood) to trick someone to get into it's poke, then punish with a drakeblood thrust poke r2 into slash.
Useless sword but its the only sword that can deal quad split damage
Useless? That S rank Dex scaling says otherwise. Plus, you get a little bit of free shield-poke damage.

Seriously though, this is the best greatsword for a Dex focused build
second best ?
the flamberg has better scaling and imo a better moveset

what i wonder is : if i mundane it, do i det the 10 +200 three times ?
For a dex/faith build, infused with lightning this outdamages the defender great sword. It outdamages all the other greatswords with my build of 30 dex/50 faith. If you know of one that does more damage with my build, let me know.
What bonfire do I have to use an asetic at to make it respawn
Let us mourn the loss of this great greatsword as it went hollow in DS3.
I’m confused, it’s usable in DS3
Tis a tragic weapon in Ds3, the drakeblood greatsword.
Crazy, best weapon imho. Make it Chaos in 3 and watch everything just die
Only weapon in DS3 with innate magic damage that can be infused and buffed, so it still has a niche imo. Also a chaos/dark infused version annihilates everything with low defense.
A bit too small to be called a greatsword imo. Should maybe use a straightsword moveset.
I agree but I feel like it is a bastard sword
It looks small due to being so narrow, but it's actually pretty much the same length as the Bastard Sword and Drangleic Sword. Also, by real life proportions it would easily count as a longsword (which is basically what Dark Souls calls a great sword) but video game weapons are usually oversized to give them more presence.



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This may actually be the best greatsword for a dex build in the game. Playing a Dex/Intelligence character and this thing keeps outperforming the Drangelic Sword, Mirrah Greatsword and Loyce Greatsword (which is a bit annoying because I really like the Loyce and it took a lot of effort to get.) The Drakeblood also usually outperforms my Watcher Greatsword, somehow, despite the latter having higher attack rating on paper. And on top of it all it uses up less stamina than the others.
The 140 counter rating is probably why. It's consistently out performing Watcher GS for me as well as at 40 dex/60 fth.
*I meant to say Defender GS, not Watcher
I need to know if I use a bonfire ascetic in the bonfire, Can I find again the set and sword?


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Magic and lightning bonuses worthless and pointless. Ice rapier is much better Dex weapon with higher damage output, less weight and superior move set. Same split damage made Defender sword obsolete as well.
If I remember correctly there is rule that if you hit enemy he has to take at least 10% of damage from given source regardless ofhis defences. So enemy will get 5 magic and 5 lightning damage even in dark scenario. Of course this is quite insignificant but there are enemies which are weak to these damage types. I heard that game has few enemies who are weak to elements but have spell protection so weapon with elemental damage can be quite devastating. S scaling is nice and stagger it has beats any rapier with ease. Not the best weapon in the game? True. Ice rapier better? Very true. Does this weapon suck? No. It just fills other niche.