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YOU DIED! (Shboom-Tiggles)
you: gets to level 713. me: you deserve a medal
"If you get to level 713, I think you deserve a medal."
except ive seen people at SL 802 so how is 713 the cap?
Because you can't raise any of the stats past 99. But anything's possible with hacking.
Cos luck isn't listed as a stat, so 713 + 99 - 10(you start with 10 as a deprived, not sure about other classes) = lvl 802
“level cap” in this case means that they recommend that you only get to 713 because anything above that is incredibly difficult to get to
I think that 802 is the level cap of dark souls 3
It’s because the recommended SL cap is 713, but it is possible to go way beyond that
You cannot level past 713 in dark souls 1, idk what you are talking about ^^
Yeah everyone saying that 713 is the recommended SL cap is just dumb. 713 is the SL cap for DS1, 802 is the SL cap for DS3. idk about 2
Also that one person talking about luck not being listed as a stat, yeah that's because luck isn't in this game. There's item discovery, which has nothing to do with SL, but luck is not a stat
In my game level 36 costs the same as level 52 from the chart; did I accidentally ***** myself with NG+ because this is my first time playing
New player here. Does soul level transfer over to NG+ or do you just keep your stats and are re-labeled as SL1?
It does transfer. You start NG+ as you ended NG.
How is defense and resistance increased at level up? Each stat seem to affect these differently...
Leveling up other areas increase your Resistance(Defense) by a point or 2 unless you specifically put your souls into Resistance
algum slcalculator ;-;?
procura por aí cara, kkkkkkk
i hate the game now because i literally have to grind my soul for my theories of completing the bloody game and everything else get the rings get the spell get the bloody sword shield and armor drops i hate this this is you this is your fault because i'm literally gonna waste hours into the game and cannot basically wasted thousand hours to basically complete every single bloody thing into this game is not even though a fan challenges i will waste sun like it naked man soul level 1 yeah thank you for making life check my self
Stop *****ing, it was your choice. And *****ing check a thesaurus for the word basically, your vocabulary *****ing sucks
You can use cheat :)
hey man it s what makes dark souls ! many people enjoy complex games with many side stories. this game is rich and if you want to simply move along a simple story kill monsters and not care about the loot, well look for another game ;)
Well said