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Don't like the hood, try the Billed Mask.
look very similar to dark set but with the dark sign and some fire details and no mask only hood this is lore explained i gess because both are related to abbyss
The Legs and Arms actually look really good on the Dark Set


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wearing it should prevent getting souls...dark sign wise
Then literally no one would wear it and it 100% would be the worst armor this isn’t DS2 with its*****ty soul memory mechanic
the Armor + Iron Dragon Knight Legs + Gauntlets + Firelink Helm...looks badass.
if you really wanna look like a ringed knight wear a darkwraith hood for the skull
Ringed Kight Armor + Lorian's Helm
I farmed almost 2 hours yet with gold serpent ring, gold coins and 50 Luck (thanks to Rosaria) and I still need one piece.
Firelink Helm looks amazing with this set
alrighty now this is going to cool
Another site says this set gives you 8% bonus damage to abyssal enemies?
It does in the cinders mod, but not in the base game