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I've seen a lot of comments saying that the NG+ effects aren't true saying that they are still getting gravelorded while on their first play-through. When the article refers to the NG+ effects, it's telling you about how IF you ARE in NG+, you will see the npc enemies resembling red phantoms, however, if you are still on your first play-through, you can still be gravelorded. It simply won't have an effect on your world unless you migrate from NG to NG+. Let's call it the "misery" effect. In NG, there is no misery effect, but there is the possibility of being gravelorded. In NG+, both the possibility of being gravelorded and the misery effect are present. any NG post NG+, such as NG+7 (meta, I know), will persist to have the same effects as NG+. NG is the only play-through that won't under any circumstances have the misery effect.
So if I'm a Gravelord Servant +3, then leave the convenant, will the damage only by 120%?
No, it just drops to 90% again as your Rank 3 in the covenant gets erased once you leave it.
leaving halfs the amount of eyes that you have given, for instance; you can be at max rank (rank 3) even if you arent in the Covenant, to do this, you need to give 160 eyes, and then leave the Covenant, because
(continued) because half of 160 is 80 (80 is max rank)
If I kill the bell gargoyles, but not the Taurus demon, can I still gravelord at undead burg?
Thinks so. Just not at parish.
"Spawn Areas for Black Phantoms" needs a DLC update. The Chained Prisoner black phantoms in Oolacile and Chasm are murder.
I summoned by a gravelord servant as a white phantom. After that three dark sprits invade. How can a gravelord servant summon a white phantom?
There is apparently a glitch that can be performed to summon white phantoms and then still be able to use the eye of death. Look it up on youtube in "top 10 gravelord moments"
It says you can only see the sign if your new game + or higher, but i saw a gravelord sign without being new game + (just regular, I had just killed the bell gargoyles), and im like level 16 lawl


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It doesn't explicitly spell it out, but it means that you need to be in NG+ to receive the curse (and see cursed mobs spawning in your world), but anyone within the level range, NG+ or not, can see the black sign and invade. I guess this means that at low soul levels, the gravelord servant probably isn't really cursing anyone's world except for the few niche people who are in NG+ or beyond at low level. Still, they can be invaded and gather eyes by defeating their opponents, so it's still meaningful.
If anyone is in the parish with this backstab them with dragon torso stone and hornets ring. It can one shot most people with giants armor +5.
Reds are friends, not foe.