Comments made to our Salt & Sanctuary Wiki
Been reading the negative comments and just want to say, though perhaps a little a rough, these maps are informative and do help provide a clear route for story purposes. Thank you who ever put aside their time to help us all out



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Cool that there's a map.
Everybody here is *****ing about how bad are the maps done wtf go a make ur own noob if dont like what peaople did in their free time for idiots like u. Btw, whoever made the maps i thank u very much for ur work.
Mel's Floating Castle before Ziggurat of Dust is not possible. You need the dash to get to Mal, which you receive after completing Ziggurat.
there is a glitch you can do by inputing roll and jump at the same fram that can allow you to leep far enough to reach it, but without that glitch you're right
It's also possible without the long jump glitch by using an oversight in the dagger moveset. By inputting Light attack > Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Heavy with correct timing and then holding up to grap the ledge you can cover a surprising amount of distance, which is enough to enter Mal's early. If I remember correctly it's also just about enough to get you off of Mal's via the hardlight platforms leading to castle of storms, although the timing for some of the jumps is pretty tight. I highly recommend carrying a dagger and trying out this move and see what fun shortcuts you can find.
Can someone edit the third map that's white so that you can click on it and have it open up a tab that lets you see it zoomed in.
Looking at all the maps and god damn isnt this game gigantic, i am already 12 hours into the game and didn't even explore half of the maps yet. Also thanks for making the maps.
My one complaint about the maps are that the exits to other maps are not listed. That would make these a lot more readable. Having the sanctuaries on here would also be good, but not as big of an improvement as the exits would be.