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You better hope you get the NPC in this fight, otherwise you are going to get some timewasting *****head who just has 2 blessed weapons equipped and the sun princess ring, maximum absorption possible and spends the entire time sprinting around the arena doing the ring swap spam for infinite stamina, only ever stopping to shove a dagger up your *** when you try deal with the painting guardian spawn. From really did make this the final swan song to sour people's tastes for the online in this game
Say whatever you want, but this anti-gank boss can only be beaten by ppl who thinks ahead of "spam r1 ftw". You might think otherwise or say that i am wrong, but all those bloodstains on the ground tells me a different story.
Wrong. This boss is for try-hard who can't pvp so they can feel good about actually winning fights against other players (while they hide behind guardians ofc)
Except he promotes the exact opposite by being easy to stagger, also bloodstain might be because idk, boss having the numbers advantage.
To Anon 10 Jul 2020, have you ever tried to invade as a Spear of the Church? Not having estus while your opponent does is a serious handicap. They have to play defensively because most builds simply can't heal otherwise.
Everytime I got to this boss, I just went offline and use Profaned greatsword to stunt lock him. I just don't want to deal with all the lag and get to my man Gael as fast as possible.


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When you are the boss try switching between TPGS, and Frayed blade to keep your opponent guessing. Tried it earlier when summoned as the spear and won two good fights.
Anyone else hate the guardian?
Not much, she's weak and die easily - what we hate is the summoned player brought tons of knife and just running around with blessed weapon trying to exhaust your estus and cowardly attack when you busy dealing with the guardian
Anyone else hate the **** out of the guardian?


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Using a Faith build geared towards regeneration can help immensely, you'll almost never lose if you're already skilled.
Yea I can second the viability of Faith builds in this boss fight. I play at SL 125 as a dedicated Faith caster, and with the Ritual Spear Fragment combined with Projected Heal I'm able to give myself a safe space to heal up.
Loved that i was able to kill the summoned player just to be killed by the ai controlled kkk dude, which of course failed the fight for me right after it said i succeeded.....
Look at the true face of this "wonderful" community. Whenever sonething doesn't let them gank on someone, whenever the game tells them that they must forget about summoning phantoms for just 1 of the many bosses it has, they hate, cry and cuddle in the mud. A point down to gonkers from this and many other spears of the church.
As a pyromancer offline facing the NPC I got parried and killed when I attempted to guard break him with my straight sword. Next round I knocked his *** on the ground with a chaos infused Astora greatsword thrust and just kept doing that until he died, 2 vestige casts took care of the painting guardians.