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The outside boss room encounters, if you manage to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time (phantoms needed for this) the wolf can swich to his second phase (red eyes and moveset) before leaving.
What a garbage *****ing boss. A*****ty loser wearing nothing but chainmail and a dark mask, with a cool weapon I'll say, who has those*****ty god damn wolves for backup, then swaps into magic like a coward, when his giant Ludwig-level*****box dog comes in and just charges all over the *****ing place giving you absolutely no real time to heal, cast, buff, or sometimes even attack unless you kite them around a pillar. Jesus Christ did ANYBODY at FromSoftware playtest this crap!?
chill kid, it's just a game
Just parry the grave tender, and stick to the booty of the wolf, and even using an ultra I still found plenty of time to attack
i mean he absolutely sucks but yeah. Chill man
This is one of the weakest bosses in the game. Sucks to suck I guess.
this is not the weakest boss lmao, the 50% of dark souls 3 bosses are easy as hell
If you think this guy is hard then i mean you probably cant beat 90% of the bosses
really would it be that hard to make an original armor set for the boss
Before saying "this is the worst designed boss ever", remember that the twin demons are waiting for you in the other dlc. If you can't beat a retired gladiator and a decrepit wolf, forget about beating 2 old school demons.
this doesn't make sense. This boss is terribly designed because it's an NPC, 3 wolves and a big wolf

Demon Princes are a challenge (to some) but also an amazingly designed boss. Imo they're the best designed 2v1 boss in the series, even better than OnS
is because twin princes are not actualy a multi boss, it have 2 health bar but they are together so...
Need help with this guy now
why was this boss so hard for me when twin demons werent
Well for one, it is said no 2 ppl will have the same Souls experience. I mean, on my first run I took down Gael first try and Midir in three but it took me three days for Champion Gundyr. The Gravetenders simply had a moveset that was harder for you compared to the demons. Second is that this is a true gank boss fight as opposed to the demons. The demons alternate between long range and melee range so you can make it so that you only have to deal with one demon at a time. Menawhile for gravetender, you have to face a guy and three wolves. Then a guy and a giant wolf. And they all come at you at the same time. And third is the moveset. The demons have powerful but slow moving attacks and if you stick to the rear, you are safe from most of them. But there is not safe zone from the giant wolf and it has fast attacks.
Well for one thing, the greatwolf's entire freaking body is a hit box for half the time he's onscreen.
The difference between Twin Demons and this ***** and his service dog is there is actual merit in defeating Demons. A crappy boss that fights like a ***** and punishes you for not doing the same. Conclusion: cheese him before he cheeses you.


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I had no trouble with this guy, maybe because I fought the Twin Demons way before him
You can cheese this fight by shooting an arrow just before the fog gate in the Champions location. Fog gate will appear and they will come to the wall. Use poison at the gate to kill the wolves x3 and Champion. After that, run all the way back up the massive ladder and into the house and into the Chapel. Go back to the bottom floor with all the bugs and thru the fake wall until you reach the area where you're outside on a cliff directly overhead the boss fight. That will spawn the big wolf. Run back thru the chapel, cut the bridge and descend all the way back to the ice floor. Use poison spell on the fog gate and boom. Win.
You don't need to cheese him if you are not underleveled. I beat him on first try with Irithyl Straight Sword +5 using some tips found here.
Before the fight be sure to meet the Greatwolf twice near the archers tower. This will give you the idea of how to fight him and take away a chunk of his health.
Choose attire resistant to standard damage and frost.
When the fight begins, first get rid of the small wolves. Then lead Gravetender to the back of the arena, behind the pillars and fight him there. When he makes the gesture or you hear the Greatwolf, release all your dps to kill him before the wolf comes.
Greatwolf alone is not so difficult, but the fight requires a lot of rolling so I recommend Carthus Milkring and items that increase stamina regen.
What a sh*tty annoying boss. Here is how to defeat it if you play Glass Cannon, in which case it is horribly annoying boss, who will give you no time to do anything. When approaching the arena, right when gladiator starts to standing up, blast him with Crystal Soul Spear, twice, if you can. Wolves (fckng annoying btchs) will start approaching, swap to Soul Greatsword, it has great range and arc, so it will be fairly easy to slay the wolves (if anything, just run away, dodge, and catch the moment with the SG). Then, start slaying the gladiator, with SG it is most optimal. When this crying little cnt will call his turbo dog, you'll have some time to attack him, then, when doggo starts turbo jumping, dodge, and, catch it with Toxic Mist Pyromancy. When dog's health go to the point of stage 2, red eyes and super-turbo engine in the arse, upon swapping the stage it will cast AOE frostbite, standing motionless. Use this time to slay it with 2 Crystal Soul Spears. Dude, this turbo jumping sht is so unbalanced and annoying, it can jump through the pillars behind your back. And you better slay it right away in the start of the stage 2, because turbo jumping becomes also AOE frostbite attack.
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