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DS 1 PVP is the worst, Start a new game and I get invaded by some OP guy with all magic possible... It’s so cheap that high level can invade low level
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Does weapon level for online matchmaking cap at 15?
Yes, just as weapons can cap at +15
so once my weapon matchmaking level reaches 15, there's no way to go beyond that no matter what weapons I pick up or how I upgrade them?
im... not too sure what you're asking, weapon level matchmaking is based on your highest level weapon, so... if you have a +5 weapon and a +10 weapon, then your weapon level matchmaking will be at +10. Also; it doesnt matter if you drop or change or whatever the weapon that you have for a lower level weapon, your weapon matchmaking will be based on the highest level of weapon that you have had regardless
that...makes a bit more sense than what I thought. So once your highest weapon level reaches +15, I suppose there's no way to higher or lower it?
So armor upgrades doesn't affect matchmaking?
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according to the chart, i'm out of range from my friend (45 atm and he's 75) but our weapons are in range of eachother, so it seems only one of these actually matter for match making at least with passwords on
Neither of them matter as long as password matchmaking is on
umm... lolwat... there is no summon range restriction with passwords, thats the whole point of passwords; is so that you can play with friends regardless of level, you can have a level 1 with a +0 weapon and a level 700 with a +15 weapon play with eachother
Guys relax, it’s easy to confuse PW summoning as a means of connecting with a friend without any possibility of someone else seeing the signs. Not everyone will know that it also allows much different levels to connect
ruined low lvl pvp by picking up bk weapon and giving it away
BK weapons don't take you out of the lvl 0-11 weapon bracket. So it didn't.
It did if he just wanted to kill 0-5 without getting killed by stronger weps LMAO.
How does pyro effect weapon matchmaking?
Im likely a little wrong but since this is 3 days old pretty sure it works like a normal weapon on upgrading. Reinforced +5 flame = +15 weapon
Looks like weapon matchmaking does not apply to the Prepare to Die edition?
PTDE only puts your soul level into consideration since weapon matchmaking was added in the Remastered version.
Over time I learned to embrace this rather messy addition to the re release. My level 50 sorcerer can switch between normal mode and twink mode due to keeping my melee weapons and shield at the + 10 bracket. I get an equal amount of enjoyment from fighting a solo host with evenly matched weapons while they progress through the game and using over powered magic against a group of co operators.
It really, really, just kills matchmaking, since ds1 was so open, its possible to out weapon level the undead burg before even entering it... Makes the game feel empty, not only because no one is playing it, but because in order to match with new players I would have to purposely play the game like one, and go through areas under weapon leveled, or just max out my weapon and co op and invade with other twinks.