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can't wait for him to come to iceborne
*loaded HBG with malicious intent* And I dont think image of hoes should be in in-game weakness info segment btw
anything to do with safi'jiiva?
No, It's unrelated to Safi, but is taking over it's territory after the results of the siege.
Nope, it’s one of the Elder Dragons from the past, way before the Xeno’jiiva storyline
kk thanks i was dumb and didn't do any research and thought it was an entirely new monster
Dude... Capcom already said “return of a fan favourite monster”. I can’t possibly imagine how you’d think Alatreon is brand new.
its because i don't actually play monster hunter, i just lurk here because i think the monsters are cool
It can be lured with "??" where do I get this "??" ?
Now, I don't exactly remember, BUT, I'm sure you can farm "Monster class" monsters to get a couple of drops.
It’s sad that hes been pushed back because of Covid19
It's cool and all but the Gammoth would have been more fitting IMO
If they add gammoth the fans of Astalos and Mizu will be left out. I personally like mizu the most, astalos in second. But I'd love a world remix on gammoth's theme.
I wanted that anubis looking thing. The sand trap mechanic is already in the game with Shaara. Seems like a waste NOT to have it.
You've such a hard-on for Gammoth's big fat trunk, eh?
Gammoth would have been better
Gammoth would ba underwhelming for a featured returning monster.
Bro i can't wait for my main hunting squad to get rekt by alatreon because they don't know how to fight him because they only played monster hunter world
Same here. I started with 3u, and got a game for every generation since. Fought it in 3u, gen, and gen ult. Ready for friends of mine to absolutely cart.
It's not that hard to learn how a monster works... You're not better than others just because you played the old games.
Don’t be racist
Not to create any confusion, the previous reply was for someone blaming China on a personal level for Covid-19.