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Anybody have helm, armor, amd pants? Would rather not bonfire ascetic farm this if somebody has and does not want
Why not just buy it
Why not just buy it
Just join the champion covenant in majula
With Heide helm you look like a crusader. Deus Vult!
sotfs: spirits dont respawn if you are in company of champions
Has something changed with drop chance? Today received all set and shield in one run. Year ago it took few hours to farm this set.
Spirits do NOT respawn with Bonfire Ascetic. Have tried multiple times, changing covenants and restarting system (XB1).
In NG an ascetic respawned them at the second bonfire (Velstadt and Vendrick too) SotFS PC.
They do, you just have to light the flames again.
Does the grave warden still sale the arom is sotfs? It's been years since I played and im trying to knoe if I have to farm.
alas, but you have to farm


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So basically if I want to make a crusader cosplay with this chestpiece and the heide knight helm, I have to luck out on the non-respawning heide knights in vanilla and I have to luck out on the non-respawning Insolent spirits in SotFS? Why From? I just want to take back the holy land.


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That's what '+ Item Discover' gear is for. For the Insolent set I'd clear out the rest of the crypt before lighting that second fire. Then equip all the +ID gear, light the fire, and hope for the best.
Make a backup save. I used one to farm a Blue Flame from the black phantom in Tseldora + Ascetic.
just use the champions covanent
I only can count 10. But hey, got the entire set in 3 Bonfire Ascetics. Put your best farming gear on. Mine was Symbol of Avarice, Prisoners Tatters, Gold Serpent ring, Dragon Parma. Good luck!
Which bonfire?
Don’t waste your time and bonfire ascetics. They didn’t drop the armor but drop the helm,gloves and boots. I alr used 4 bonfire ascetics