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Just beat these *****ers while in company of champions covenant. Took nearly all night and about 100 deaths melee but it’s doable. The watchers hitbox is beyong ridiculous. I get hit literally when I’m 10 feet away from the damn sword. What a bogus way to add dificulty.
I cannot tell you how many times these two have screwed me out of a no-death run. Which summon of the three available is the best one to use?
The first time I played solo with greatsword to test my ability after countless deaths over many hours. I realized that using magic would be easier because approaching them both is very difficult with short weapons. After winning the next journey NG++ I completely summoned the NPCs. I now start my eighth journey.
Any of the summons work to take aggro and give you a bit of space but I'd only get one so their defences don't get to much
This fight was clearly just added on because nashandra was already a pushover. The arena is built for 1v1 fighting, with zero obstacles or ways to break aggro. The bosses themselves aren't too different from O&S mechanically, but the fact you have no way to single one out paired with the awful hitboxes makes this fight an obvious throw-in boss
The bosses move slower than O&S. They're designed around the arena. Stop parroting what TheDumbassery told you.
Ah yes, the iconic fight against big armored guy #436 and big armored guy #437
Actually, this one is vastly different, as Thrown Watcher is a Big Armored Girl! Really breaking the mold.
I was just doing my first DS2 playthrough recently, and I was having difficulty on this boss, so I used my Large Club just to see if the extra damage would help. Well, when I two-handed it, the strong attack was able to interrupt the Defender while he was trying to revive the Watcher. Just thought I'd mention it, since I don't see anything about it on this page right now.
To clarify, I was trying to say that you don't need a summon like Benhart to stagger them.
They have no style,they have no grace, but these dorks are a stupid gank!