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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

If sunlight medals are tare than i must be really lucky
Haha yeah, got it from the first of these monsters that I killed
Hmmm any easy way to get red titanite chunks
I already used 20 bones. I got like 4 medals and 0 chunks. Not a single one. Max item discovery always 410. I dont know if its reworked the red titanite chunk or smth but i cant get a single one, and i think 20 tries is not coincidence
How do I know which of these is the one with the suhlight maggot?
That one have red eyes
If the description was written in braille this would have never happened. Fridgin Fextralife
The one with the glowing red eye
Help!!! Only 4 of them spawned for me and none dropped the headgear
If you still haven't found it, it's the ome with the red eyes on the Izalith side of the door.
The one that drops the sunlight maggot will drop it as a gold item on the ground, it is also on the Lost Izalith side of the shortcut door, only one sunlight maggot is obtainable per game cycle