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Yo this girl got some CAKE BRO GOD DAMN
man, i hate her location. just place her next to the bonfire ffs, dont wanna flame my torch, run past sorcerers everytime
Right down the road..... Can't miss it.... Right down BYE BYE
Did you say...boss weapons?
asmr voice
right down the road
Right down the road?


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The basilisks killed her. I hate this game
as much as her abode "just down the way" sucks to get to, it's not too much of a hassle to clear out the area. the bonfire is right there, so it shouldn't take too long to do it as soon as you get there, and you'll only really visit her frequently in ng and ng+ anyway.
basically, play exterminator to make visiting her more pleasant
yet another failed mechanic in this stupid ****en game, they shuld of just left it to the main team would have actually been a good game then
Soo I guess you prefer needing to farm titanites to upgrade a weapon to 10+, then upgrade to +5 that weapon because the first game is flawless, right?