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these guys are easy, i dont understand why people think they are hard, just rush in dodging the arrows and roll around his trident and hit him with a couple heavy attacks from a Longsword +5



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In the company of other enemies, they know how to be very tough! Alone they are harmless.
They can be tough at first in a hallway since their Soul Arrow has two variants, with one taking longer to charge up but shooting REALLY fast. If you dodge on reaction to the shot itself, it'll hit you before you get the roll off. What's best to do is be off to the side, even just a bit. They'll turn to directly face you before firing, so you can use that turn as the tell to easily roll the fast shot.
Big throat-singing dancy boi
alright so, i was in the dukes archives, NG+0, i had the channeler's garb, silver knight helm, gauntlets of favor and black leather boots, i'm missing a few point of health, nothing too serious, than the channeler teleports over to his gank squad of crystal c*nts, so i try to escape than, BOOM, almost dead from one f*ckin magic attack from him, than the crystal with the arrow killed me.
if it's the first channeler in the archives, try sniping him from about halfway up the stairs or so in the room attached to the elevator. you can hit him but he can't hit you. just make sure to deal with the crystal enemies in said room before engaging the channeler if you don't want to get ganked while aiming.
That weird little incantation incantation they utter every so often is, oddly enough, a reversed, pitched-down sample of Lord Rydell from Demon’s Souls saying “...retrieve an article from my cor[pse]” (the sample is abruptly cut off before the end of the word “corpse”). Bizarre choice - was it random or is there some kind of lore connection being obliquely implied? As always, we’ll probably never know, haha xD
omg they add iron pineapple to the game this is awesome