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Why did the bonfire go up in lava. I homeward bone'd and decided id check it out later. But i didnt see anything about this online or in the youtuber's walkthrough i usually follow.


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was it your 4th primal bonfire? because that would explain it...
i'm guessing you're playing scholar of the first sin? in which case lots of changes were made, including an extra npc (the scholar himself). that was who emerges from the lava, so if you can, go back. most of the wiki pages (for item/npc locations etc) will specify if it's the original game, or scholar of the first sin (called SOTFS online)
You gotta be playing sotfs then.
i dont have SOFTS edition or any of the DLC and i havent had to update the game recently and he still appears at 3 different locations and talks to me then he shows up right after nashandra in the throne room hell i went from fighting the watcher and defender to fighting her then aldia all in the same instance
You eating cheese again nigga!? I told you that stuffs bad for you! Makes yours mega smell homey!
The only way the bonfire would do that, is with the Scholar of the First Sin edition of the game. You have to talk to Aldia in order to use the primal bonfire.
Either you have scholar of the first sin, or that bonfire needs more maintenance.
it a npc you meet hi magain
When you first walk in, the bookcase on the immediate left has some kind of secret - the bookcase can't be hit like all the others, sword whooshes through like it's a Pharros Lockstone wall, and with the camera, I can see a space behind it, but I can't find the secret to open it?
this is probably my favorite place in the game. its so small but theres so much detail and i love the aesthetics :D
10/10 Toughest and best place in the entire SoulsBorne Franchise. I have died maybe hundreds of times to that darn Tseldoran Settler. I rather go through the Shrine of Amana blindfolded than go through this place again. Other than the sheer difficulty, it is a very large and well constructed area. It is so tense when you see that dude reading a book when suddenly he stands up, this battle is tougher than fighting 100 Ancient Dragons at once. Then after you defeat the toughest boss in the game, you come face to face with an empty cave. It was my favorite part of the series, better than any Ludwig or Artorias or Gael. No I'm not kidding.
And I actually thought the old iron king was hard even with summons