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This is the best ring in the game. If your character is below SL 200, you should wear this ring at all times with few exceptions. If you think that the -4% absorption is too much, you are wrong. It may be frustrating to realize that this ring's existence basically means that there are only 3 ring slots available in DS3 and that you are at a constant disadvantage in PVP until you get this ring, but that doesn't change the fact that this is objectively the best ring in the game. Get it as early as you can (hopefully you can get summoned help if you're not great at PVE), put in on your finger, and never take it off. If you think otherwise, you are factually wrong. Never has an item in a game been more aptly named.
I already consumed soul of champion gundyr :(
Bruh moment
Big yikes from me. Consuming boss souls is never really that useful imo. Just get some sweet new gear instead and farm some adds of you need souls instead.
This game is full of elitsh1t no life people lmao. Spending hundred-thousand hours in-game, calling people scrub because he is feelin superior than other people, eeewww disgusting. Lmao dude you're just a winner in this game but you're a loser irl. Get a life son, don't become a parasite for your parent. Stop spending thousand time and get a fvckin life lmao it's so disgusting.
I dont think most people are like that, alot of people sincerely enjoy this game if they are good or not. If there are people doing that, perhaps target them directly instead of attacking everyone who enjoys the game.
Why the ***** would anyone one the Wiki think they have any business complaining about try hards?
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I take it you suck?
Ikr this community is full of we1rd0s. sitting all days spending thousand hours in a non competitive game in their mom house, eeeeewww i wanna vomit.
Sweaty try hard JeeNine needs to see this
I love how all comments are anonymous for those ****** to hide behind XD
ds3 has a community doesn't it
I like how every souls game has one ring that is basically mandatory if you want to stay competitive. DS1 had the Ring of Favor, DS2 had...well no one played DS2 so who knows? And DS3 has this bad boy: The Prisoner’s chain.
Ds2 had ring of blades, wich increases physical damage.
I have over 1,000 hours of PVP in both DS1 and DS3. Prisoner's Chain is definitely mandatory in DS3 once you have it. DS1's Ring of Favor and Protection, while an extremely good ring, is not mandatory. It depends on your build and play style. Often times, Hornet Ring or Dark Wood Grain Ring are better alternatives to RoFaP in DS1. I often choose to have my DS1 builds have RoFaP over Hornet Ring because it usually means longer invasions, but honestly, Hornet Ring is the better choice most of the time if you're looking for PVP wins.
This ring is suuuper good, until you breach the soft caps, then you can replace it with other rings
gundyr's halberd is pretty good too but who would know when this thing exists
What's the poing of increasing vitality points if you take more damage? Raise up strength instead.
so you can wear heavier armor therefore increasing your defenses??
the defence for the extra armor makes up for the minor absorption penalty,and also give tou more hp and stamina
this does not look comfortable to wear at all
I rarely laugh at comments, but this got me
here's a good combo of rings if you want to make a tank character: Life Ring+3, Ring of Favor+3, Prisoner's Chain and Ring of Steel Protection+3 (to negate the absorption penalty from prisoner's chain) it really makes you very tanky and gives you a super thicc health bar as a bonus


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I just realised it's called the prisoners chain because if you build around it to take advantage of the Vitality it becomes a chain you can't take off
What do you mean?
I was talking to my friend about this and you're right. I've had it on for so long and my Vitality and Vigor are necessary for my playstyle