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these things are cute
so when is the Dragon Soul and true Dragon Soul going to get added?
the problem with Dragon Soul kinsect specifically is it has 1/2 kinsect stamina recharge rate of all other kinsects. Thus dragon soul is spending much more time on your arm recharging, and not going out and giving dust effects or getting you buffs when you need them. Thus dragon soul is reduced to boondoggle status, it's pretty to look at, but ultimately not worth using.
Send the kinsect out and call it back to gain stamina. Three times and it's full.
I'm sorry I accidentally downvoted(trying to comment)if I could, I would upvote. The dragon soul kinsect is super slow. A little slow is ok, but it's sluggish.
Gore magala armor set mod for monster hunter world!!! Someone please!!
But isn’t it super strong damage wise ?


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Hi everyone, I just edited this page to include information on what the Kinsect stats mean. I also created a Dragon Soul and True Dragon Soul page finally! I am planning on coming back once I've discovered everything for Kinsects in Iceborne and including that as well. However, this is my first time editing this wiki, so I don't quite know how to format everything properly, so if anyone wants to pretty up this and the two new pages, I would appreciate it!
Thank you for your work! Cant wait to see what are the best kinsects post iceborne. I csnt find any info online so I'll bookmark this ans check every few days!
Hey men you see is News dragón soul kinsect
Anyone know what the solo rarity 12 kinsect is? No tree, just chilling alone at the bottom of the nurture list.
I believe that’s the nexus dragon soul, the direct upgrade from true dragon soul.
Hey you guys who work on this site are awesome. Thanks for all your efforts.
"...simply because the Kinsect attacks inconsistently and does too little damage for it to matter."
Haha this guy doesn't know about kinsect only builds.