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I wanna know what this shriveled testicle looked like before hand
Like a man in dragon slayer armor
@15. Dec 2019 now we know who has worn the armor before...
Killed him once for the ring, now no matter what he never revives despite the info in this wiki that he does upon reload. Anything I can do?
don`t give up, you bastard!
I think he's the furtive pygmy. One of the four lords from the very begining
He's a Pygmy but not the Furtive Pygmy. The Furtive Pygmy had a scheme, centuries in the making, to end the Age of Fire according to Kaathe. No human being would desire to sustain the rule of the Gods unless decieved.
easiest boss in the series
You haven't played DLC 3 then, obviously.
wdym DLC 3?
The one after DLC 2 of course.
He's a Pygmy Lord. His throne, which is similar in appearance to a tombstone, is the same as those found in Gael's Boss Arena. Ludleth betrayed his humanity by linking the fire, sustaining the rule of the Gods, the very same that caused Humanity with Undeath.
Thats why he seems to have feelings of guilt for linking the first flame. And thats why he is doing absoluteley 0 to persuade you not to end the age of fire. He finaly wants the age of humans to come
He never abandoned his throne because he had no legs. How would he leave?
He got his legs cut off on puprpose , should his resolve ever falter since linking of the fire was very traumatic and painfull :)
He could borrow one of the wheelchairs from Bloodborne.
Curiously, the "小人" kanji which in Japanese translates to "pygmy," when translated from Chinese renders, "villain." In both China and Japan there are traditions of using the multiple meanings of specific renderings of words in both poetry and for uses like politically subversive text, to hide the true meaning of a phrase. This lends some credence to the notion that the furtive pygmy was literally the villain, or enemy, of the gods, (and thus the Dark Soul itself is effectively a weapon to end the age of the gods.)
For being so mundanely placed, right at the beginning of the game, there's frustratingly little to make sense of who he is and who he was. A Google search will tell you that Courland is a historical region of Latvia, but there is no reference as to what that name means. A mildly interesting connection may be the Latvian word "kur" which traces various etymologies including "to cut, to heat, to burn, to create." The obvious overtones of this series directs us to, "to burn," and we can clumsily speculate a translation of Courland as "the Land of Burning." Given that Ludleth is a pygmy, and that his throne resembles the tombstones in the area we fight Gael, one conclusion is the possibility that Courland was a name for the Ringed City and/or its greater area. Ludleth tells us that Courland was "lost," which usually connotes destruction, and this doesn't line up with the fact that we can still very much travel there. But, from our travels in the Ringed City, we learn that it was once a city of relative import, and now languishes at world's end, the missions and visits it once received frequently long past, overrun by abyssal creatures, and so it could be considered "lost" in this sense. The land of the Pygmy royals being called "the Land of Burning" dovetails very satisfyingly with Gwyn sealing them with fire, and humanity's role as fuel for his Flame for ages on end. Just a thought.


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Ludleth is the last of the believers of the lie of Gywn. All the other...and I try not to laugh when I type this...LORD...have had enough...and just want to be left to their own devices. They've clearly seen the fire linking does nothing at all but burn them alive and waste their lives. Their ultimate reward for their be be burned again. NOPE. Only ego-mad Ludleth wants to "die a colossus". Short guy complex, I guess. He had to remove his own legs so the truth wouldn't force him to get the hell out of there. The Lords didn't run. They don't have a duty either. IT IS ALL A LIE.
lord of ASMR more like