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Look at this fool, a dung covered peasant in a tin can wielding a oversized menstrual pad. lmao *points down* get rekt, corn fed simpleton.
Heads up for those who try summoning this idiot for the Old Demon King boss fight - there's a chance he'll get stuck clipping through the bottom of the stone staircase outside the boss room, and be unable to enter the fight. Thanks for nothing, Tsorig!
Thats a surprise! Hes a brainlet like everyone who uses ugs, who would've guessed... also if you summon phantoms 4 a bossfight then you are givin the boss more HP and prolly more DMG.
Tsorig isn’t a good phantom for the fight, based of experience. But he is amazing for the other area.
If you have a problem with this guy: Try luring him onto the bridge and then simply use Force (miracle and not the midichlorian SW bullcrap) to make him fall into lava.
Yeah because copying the exact same thing into a miracle is way cooler and innovative, ***** *** ****** cheeser on bridges
Phantom is the exact same as the one In person. I brought a full hp phantom Tsorig to other Tsorig, they were doing the exact same thing for about 75% of their hp. Then I helped my phantom because I was scared of Tsorig killing my Tsorig.
Trust no one; not even yourself
I just got invaded by this guy and let the skeleton ball deal with him, running him up and down the stairs so that the ball hit him twice on each run. I feel like I owe that ball a drink.
If you use Tears of Denial and proc it against this dude he’ll act like you died and emote for the full duration. Plenty of time for a backstab.
This guy is an insult to Tarkus's legacy. At least it's not a solaire case where I have to feel bad killing him to get the armor.
i always get the black knight upstairs to come down and kick his a*s, black knight wins 68% of the time with a cheese slice of health left, so i can back stab him, and boom, not even a scratch on my character
Ugh, I wish I had looked at this earlier, I JUST got done beating Wolnir and found out that I need the leggings for my build -_-
You can kill him I’m demon ruins and buy the leggings still
True, I missed him before Wolnir, but ended up killing him in the catacombs for all his goods
Did he actually kill Tarkus and Raime to get the gear he is using or did he just find Tarkus's corpse in Anor Londo?
Both. Or neither. He probably did not kill Raime, as that would make him the botc. But there’s no canon lore on him, so he’s whatever you believe him to be.
It's also possible that more than one set of black iron armor was made. Tarkus was just well-known for wearing it, and in this era, so is Tsorig.