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Ok... I have many weapons and shields at 10+ with all the souls from the bosses in my inventory. The giant is only showing to make things Crystal in Modify Equipment and Reinforce Weapons shows nothing at all besides everything under my 10+ upgraded items. Can someone help me with this?
I also of course have more than 5000 souls...
Hm, you usually have to go in Modify Equipement and then "right" to the boss weapon option... if you have even one of the components, you should see the names of the boss weapons in the right column of that section.
Wait... you said 10+ instead of +10... Hope you meant +10 because that's what you need, it doesn't work with weapons at +11, +12, +13, +14, +15. The other option is... you have never tried the other options of the blacksmiths? You know everytime you give an ember to a blacksmith, another upgrade tab appears in Modify Equipment, right?
anyone know a good pyro strength build?
no lol
Yea you can use something like the demons machete or iron golem axe and a pyro glove. You will have to do it ay a higher sl but it will work.
I'm just using the black knight sword, a pyromancer flame and the bellowing dragon ring, killed sif with just 4 chaos fireballs in my first run.
can someone help me get a quelaggs furysword for my twink cancer build I just need someone to drop it for me I can give you the soul if you want
Email me
Get it yourself twink scum
is it really that *****ing hard to kill quelaag and get to anor londo my god
Just kill the thing. Or better yet go to ng+ and get the other weapon...
Does the +10 weapon have to be normal upgrade path? or does it just need to be +10 equivalent (e.g. +5 magic)


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+10 regular path only.
Normal. With large titanite shards
Did anyone else notice that the parameters for the swords of Artorias are flipped?
So u need to kill 3 times sif to have all weapons? Rip sif
Yeah, if you don't habe a friend who drops you a sif soul you have to play through the game 2.5times for all achievements
How to make cursed sword of artorias? Can someone help?
Hey dude. So to make the Cursed Sword of Artorias you need to make any straight sword or greatsword of your choice +10 (The list of straight sword and greatswords are above). You also need to kill Great Grey Wolf Sif for his boss soul. Then you go to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo and create it in the 'modify equipment' tab. I hope this helped!
You have to beat sif and take his soul to the giant blacksmith and you need a +10 sword
I chose cursed great sword of artorias for ghost killing, even though the ghosts do drop transient curses
Did this as well, But figured out with out the 18 faith/int it was easier to just use the curse since it still pings you off slowly, and they like to gang up
RIP Sif x3, he was a good boy.