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I love this weapon so much, but it suffers from the same problem as the dancers twinbladed of it's damage being spilt into too many categories
It's literally only split into physical and fire?
My favorite Weapon of the game, is actually amazing for pvp if used correctly.
Is it possible to get in regular Newgame? Couldn't you just get one of the swords, make another character, get the other, and have a friend help you transfer the second sword to the character with the first?
Absolutely. A friend is donating of of them to me before I go into NG+ so I can make it.



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Could you really call it a regular newgame if you're playing it a second time? lol
Ng+ on leveled character would be faster and easier to get the 2nd sword than a newbie char getting there
Not only is this sword awesome looking,it also is pretty great as a weapon.
Damn, that’s some interesting lore
Deepest lore.
Would this work on a faith build?
Literally says that it is effective for any build, but yes.



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"aT 40 StrEnGth, 40 dExtErIty, 9 iNt and 9 FaiTh Has an AR oF 540" bruh I have 60 strength, 60 dexterity, 21 intelligents and 20 faith I have an AR of 537
Are you one handing?


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That is just no true, the given value is correct, if you really had those stats you should have 584 AR one handing
If I've reinforced Lorian's sword, can I still use that sword to make this one?
Yes, but you'll get a non upgraded weapon
Can anybody trade me this weapon on PS4?
You're joking, right?
Good luck
Are you lazy? Get to ng+ before you invoke the wrath of everyone who took the effort to get this sword.
Hehe, you want to go low level invasions with this? I feel you.