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this area is bull*****but damn beating up horses with the crew without getting thrown in jail is satifying
This is just like the snow field in the original FF7. Except, there's no map, your party is near useless, and the enemies are all lv.99
I hope whoever designed that frickin' reindeers burns in hell and is beaten to bits by those brats on a regular basis.
If you look at the sun, then turn a little less than 90° left, you can pretty much beeline to the boss. I did it so much that eventually the reindeer didnt spawn on that line.
The person responsible for creating this level should be *****ing castrated
hmm. i'm sure you're familiar with the phrase, "git gud"
To the anon above, you're stupid. This area has absolutely nothing to do with gitting gud. It's just a very very trash area lol. Its not "Soulsborne" hard, it's cheap difficulty that's hard for the sake of being hard and nothing more. Miyazaki didnt make DS2, but made DS3 to apologize and make it up to us for this atrocity of a game lol
Is it worth it?
Not so far no.
In no way, shape, or form. This area is hot garbage and you dont even get a good reward. It's pretty obvious that they didnt even test this s**t and its absolutely ridiculous.
Run to the first building, go outside the wall and grab the Lucatiel Mask on the corpse. Then Feather out and never come back to that god-forsake place.
For the boss fight be very careful. The bosses don’t aggro to who is attacking them. They will cycle through all the ppl available instead.
I actually didn't mind the snowstorm as much. And the reindeer are annoying but ok to fight 1v1. When multiple spawn though? it's really stupid. They're clearly designed to be hard to fight one on one. They're pretty fair to fight, though the charge move is busted due to the early and long-lasting hitbox on it (it starts the MOMENT they lower their head, instead of when they actually raise it to bump into you). They're also capable of wasting a lot of time with moving away which wouldn't be as much of an issue if there wasn't the potential of multiple of them spawning successively.

Plus if you die, just don't bother getting your souls back lol.
The idea is interesting, but the level is trash. Once the horses stop spawning you still have to traverse this and takes an ETERNITY to get to the boss area. If the path was smaller it could have been much better, or make it longer and put a bonfire before the boss. Solved!
Worst area in the entire series.