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Thoughts on unique set bonuses?
Randomly switching elements, maybe? Or maybe a massive buff in elemental damage in return for less phisical damage. Something with elements would make the most sense, but Capcom has surprised us before, so something new entirely wouldn’t be too unlikely either.
Dear Capcom,

Pease don't f**k up the weapons.

If you mean by design, I’m with you %100.
Hopefully the set bonus will be same as the "free element" skill at least.
It’s elemental enhancement based on your armor resistances.
According to the dev diary, elemental damage is key for mitigation of the area damage when Alatreon switches elemental types. Bring your nulberries for the dragonblight phases
during any elemental phase he can still deal dragon blight.
Still Easier than Behemoth SMFH.
I like how easy she was last night tho.
Your mom, that is...
Can someone please clarify what Safi jiva quest is required to be completed first in order for Alatreon to be encountered? The recon or the raid itself? I'm screwed either way...
He will be released on the 9th of july, so until then you probably won’t get an anwser.
I believe they said the recon.
don't worry , if u not completed Safi jiva quest , look for session room , i guess many people still helping doing Safi jiva
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I KNOW RIGHT??!!! I think it was the same guy who posted some toxic comments a little bit further down below. I already reported one of these comments for being overly toxic.
And it seems that its already removed... that was quick :D. Reported it like 15, maybe 20 minutes ago.
"Cleaning up the community".
I liked as many comments as I could to balance some things out. Not the ones I don’t like, tho.
HOLY CRAP!!! So many entitled whiners, crying about "New (free) content isn't as hard" or "Old titles were better"...

If you feel the monsters are easy then you probably just got better at playing the game, or just good at games in general.

And stop lying, "people looking for a guide to beat Yian Kut Ku" !?
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