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infuse this bad boy with magic, slap it on a sorcery/hex build and you'll have a great, long-ranged spear for mages. pair it with the sanctum shield if you want to cast high-damage chime hexes. try not to trade very often though and poke behind the shield.
Clearly made for hexas who want to cast sorcreries, this has the best spell damage to offer for a hexar if you want to cast sorcreries
Please tell me the dark +10 "C" scaling is a type-o
This bothers me as well. Look at the base +10 stats compared to Dark +10. It's worse? Only SIX increase in Dark damage, at the significant loss of Magic?
Which weapon is better for a mage? This one or Blue Flame?
Clearly this one. Also it's so much fun to play with!
Blue Flame hits faster, hence it has superior dps. It depends on your playstyle and Fashion Souls, I guess.
Counter damage applies to spells cast with this thus if you are good at the counter hits, this is a good equivalent to staves. Also its a spear so the range advantage as well the ability to be infused and be buffed. Only downside is that its a split elemental weapon; so GMB in PvP and enemy resistances in PvE will result in varying damage results. But a decent weapon none the less. Damage is higer compared to blue flame on counter hits and comparable otherwise.