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god miyazaki sama when he created dark soul's magics: "well, so let me see, the sorcerers will do damage, while the miracle users will be responsible for the healing, touché, perfectly balanced, but there is still the pyromancies... well, i guess pyromancers will just do frickin everything lmao"
Myazaki god is always right
I mean does it not make sense, since your specing into both faith and int
Its not that it makes sense because you are speccing into both Faith and Int. It makes sense because fire is both a source of life and a source of true destruction.
Will never understand why the izalith staff cant cast pyromancies.
There are multiple staffs that I believe were ment to be able to cast pyromancys, like the izalith and storyteller, but I think the devs cut that because of the casting animation
Izalith staff was used to cast flame sorcery, not pyromancy. Pyromancy didn't even exist in the period of time this staff was originally used
rip flame sorcerers
Hey can someone fix the rapport page? There isn't a section for comments and almost no information, just a mostly blank page.
Because is simply, you just need the tome and Karla to obtain the pyromance
Still, would be nice to see some people's comments on the spell
Rapport page is not broken it already tells it already it makes the enemy become your ally
The Lloyd's sword ring and dark moon ring are l o n g.
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