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There are 4 titanite scales In the area where midir first appears, the first 2 are on a corse at the end of a tunnel, the same one an undead cleric is hiding in, the other 2 are on a corpse below the path just before the mini catacombs area entrance. There is also a cystal lizard not far from the shared grave bonfire that drops a scale and a twinkling.
Oh and there is one more scale on the bridge where midir appears for the second time, and 2 more on a crystal lizard on the stairs before the gwyn statue, so that is 8 scales from the area where midir is first encountered to the church of filianore
From a recent playthrough, I have consistently been getting scales from the Overgrown Lothric Knight in Dreg Heap. From the first to the second bonefire, I have been able to get at least 4 scales per run by killing all the Overgrown Lothric Knights I run into.
Scales drop from any ‘common enemies’ from earlier stages in Dreg Heap I believe, since I have also been consistantly getting scales from Thralls as well.
titanite chunks or scales?
In case nobody has pointed it out, the Earth Seeker should be added to the list of non-boss weapons upgraded with titanite scales. Not sure how to edit and too lazy to find out haha
i figured out if the wretches drop the titanite scale. and they dont. i downloaded a trainer thing called Infinity or as its called now Wemod and it has a trainer for a***** ton of games and it has one for Dark Souls III and it had a item discovery hack in there. so i tried it and i killed about 20 of those baby faced demons (wretches) and none of em dropped a titanite scale.
should probably remove the "3x" in irithyll dungeon considering it's a rare drop and not a guaranteed find.
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Clerics candlestick is a soul transposed weapon
There is a titanite scale drop on the way from pontiff to anor londo above the Aldritch Faithful covenant room overlooking the giants
*titanite SCALE IS JUST BLUE DEMON titanite*
ive used ublock origin too disable them youve just got to change it from only affecting this page to affect the whole website
I made a short video showcasing what I believe to be the most effective (and safe) method for farming these. Involves a Dragonslayer Greataxe, +5 idealy but lesser still does the trick. Warp to Great Belfry bonfire, and rush to the stairs with the 4 Rock Lizards. Just as you exit into the open aggro all 4 rock lizards by standing at the edge of the right level/floor thing. Pull back so they stack against the short wall. Walk again and use WA from above. You can safely and efficiently cheese all 4 of them if you stack them right. So walk, aggro, stack, WA, pull back from fire, walk again, WA until they die. You can do you it in 3-5 strikes depending on the level of reinforcement. I'd put this info on the wiki along with the actual video butI don't know how to edit the wiki.