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In act two, the Counting Your Chickens quest is creating an upsetting issue with this one — a little. The issue occurs once you escort the chick to the rooster, then choose the dialogue choice to not kill the chick. When the voidwoken chicks spawn, daeyena and Tyrille get pulled into that fight and because of how close they are to the start of the fight— and they definitely want to kill you.

Teleporting the rooster south doesn’t move the fight; the voidwoken spawn in the same place. However, netherswapping (netherswapping specifically since it doesn’t do damage) Daeyena and Tyrille north, results in a -20 loss of approval but if you time it perfectly and get lucky, you can distract them by keeping them in dialogue while they’re further north (I put them as far north as I could towards the elf season trial and caught them before they crossed the road). I don’t know if it had an effect, but I did also raise their approval to 100 with the character that knew netherswap. While they were kept in dialogue, my other two characters completed the fight.

So if you’re playing with just two characters I think you’re SOL. Also, I encountered the old bug where the chicks endlessly revive each other. I had to reload a save and kill them all round one. Good luck.
Before talking with her in forest (reaper's coast) drop spores, otherwise she'll trigger them during dialogue and kill you instantly.
Unless you are undead :D
Where is reimond's basement. I can't find it with that coordinate. Is it even right?
nvm, found it
anyone figure out a build with this set yet