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heh...the voidwoken cast the shackles of pain on Murga, because i damaged Murga's armor to 0 and she was the only one without any armor. incidentally, this is what made me come here and look at the guide, because i thought there was some secret gimmick to this fight, like i'm supposed to keep murga alive or something and i was worried i did something wrong and wondered why the voidwoken was so interested in killing murga.
I did the fight in the arena blindfolded like she asked and then for some reason she went back on her promise and refused to fight me. So I killed her to prove the point she was not better. She was much easier than the blindfolded fight, and then after used persuasion to fight the voidwoken. Playing coop and after killing the voidwoken the other party said no to fighting each other and I said yes, so I automatically got the rewards.
What happens if u just fail, I cant do It again
Both fights were great, albeit I hated that Murga gets the first turn in the second round, it complicated things a little. Was doing the fight on Classic with 2 members. First fight was over on the second try after I got the positioning down, still, incredibly tense. The Murga+Voidwoken fight took me around 4 tries and that was the first time I genuinely got enraged by Murga's seemingly infinite AP to attack and backstab, which is, with 2 members, not the ideal situation.
Murga doesnt go first if you have high enough initiative!
Seems there's a bug if you're shackled to the Voidwoken and the killing blow also kills you and Murga's already dead. The quest never closes, and the NPCs all seem to think the fight is still ongoing. I had to reload and play it safer so I didn't get shackled.


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the spell Living of the Edge also helpful here, if a party member is close to die
A bug is triggered in any situation where a party member remains dead after killing the Voidwoken and Murga: if you accept to fight your friends to be champion, the fight will not be a 2v2 fight but a 2v1 and the fight will never end, even when there's only one character left alive (supposedly the rightful champion). If you don't want to load and start the fight again, you can use a Resurrection Scroll in-battle on the character that was dead before starting the 2v2 team fight, thus being able again to close the battle and the quest.
I had some difficulty avoiding the petrify after beating Murga and the Voidwoken. Thanks to you all I now know that bless would have been a big help but I was able to shut off the valves using the teleport gloves. You can teleport one party member over and then exchange the gloves through the gate to bring another over.

Does anyone know if the Voidwoken is holding any loot? Killed Murga first and didn't have the opportunity to check.
No loot. And if you drop a pyramid and try to teleport it says you can't and it's forever lost until you reload your save. Lame.