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I just realized that the sword is strikingly similar to Artorias’s sword. How did that take me like three years to notice?
Well, the Abyss Watchers are literally a legion dedicated to him, so its pretty cool of the inspiration they took!
Why does the weapon description say “followed by a critical hit executed with the dagger”? It’s actually executed with the greatsword!
There is a comma you're missing so it isn't saying you riposte with the dagger it's saying you execute a parry with the dagger
The l1 on this greatsword... gives me conniptions...
I'm kinda getting off killing the silver knights outside Aldrich's castle with it... While wearing the AW's armor... It's fun being on the delivering side of the brutality for a change.
Idk why but i feel like this wep has a very Mid range Swing i was using Uchiganta before so maybe i got use to not missing something infront of me but with like the Ball of Fleshes or the crystal lizards it goes right over them
So I am Noticing that When your using the Combo it almost counts as you dodging. I am wondering if anyone has tested this with something like Carthus Bloodring which extends the Iframes for dodge if it would effect this swords "dodge". I am only noticing because i watch the attacks hard and i notice when i screw up badly and am about to get hit the attack goes right through me with no dmg dealt. Man this is cancer to read i am sorry. . .
I think it's just because the L1 sends you really close to the ground, even lower than a roll. Which makes you really hard to hit with most horizontal swings. The last L1 also sends you jumping above or around most normal attacks. So I think it's just the hitboxes and not any invincibility frames because you can still be hit by some attacks
Fighting Gael, Champion Gundyr, Dancer and many other humanoid-ish bosses with this weapon is SO MUCH FUN!
Which is more fun to play in PvE: A STR/DEX, Pure DEX, or INT/FTH build with Chaos/Dark weapons? Which of these said builds gives you an easier time in PvE? Is INT/FTH better than a STR/DEX or DEX build? Which of these builds is fun/gives an easier time in PvP? I use almost all the swords (daggers, straight swords, GS, and UGS) that allow the infusions and buffs. I'm playing DS3 for my first time, and I picked up quick on all the lingo and acronyms, but on my second playthrough, I want to do something different. Also, is blessed infusion any good? I think on the other pages it has good scaling with LKS and LKGS, but I was interested in using it with Pontiff's rings. Any tips and pointers would be very helpful. Thank you.
Alright for PvE, you can't go wrong with a STR/DEX build, maybe try a quality build with 40/40 STR/DEX. I used a quality build for my 1st play through and I never had too much trouble. Just use refined infusion (sometimes sharp, like LKGS has higher damage on sharp that refined, and it can be buffed for some damn nice damage), and buff as necessary for certain bosses/enemies and whatnot. An INT/FTH build is also pretty good with chaos/dark infusions, but certain enemies/bosses have resistances to fire/dark damage that might make PvE a bit harder. I don't know about blessed infusion being any good, sorry bud. For PvP, any build is fine, as long as you know your weapon, use the right infusions, and are decent at fighting other people. I suggest you try PvP and respec with Rosaria to try different builds to see which one suits you. Anyway, hope my comment helps you. Have fun!
"Fun" is a relative term. Personally, I prefer the INT/FTH build because it is so universal: You get access to powerful offensive pyromancies and utility sorceries/miracles as well as you can still deal a great melee damage thanks to the Chaos/Dark infusions.
does this weapon has r1s
Lol prepare to get parried and backstabbed losers.
I saw today in an invasion a dude that had this weapon buffed with fire, and had almost the exact moveset of the Abyss Watchers (for example, that stance thrust attack). Does this weapon have some sort of secret move sets? I tried all sorts of things, I equiped the Farron Ring, I even put the Watchers set on(I know, that's dumb) I tried to combine attacks like L2 and L1 at the same time. If the guy that I invaded, or anybody that knows something similar sees this, please tell me how you did it, was is it with cheat engine(wich I doubt, because it looked way to legit), is it some kind of upgrade
Roll attack?
There was a glitch to buff unbuffable weapons called Tumblebuff, not sure if it still works though. He also could have buffed any greatsword with fire and then used the weapon swap glitch to make that greatsword have the faron moveset for one attack. It's either one of those glitches, cheat engine, or you mistook the sword for another one. There are no upgrades that change weapon styles in this game, when you get the weapon that's all it will be. Upgrades only affect damage.
If he wasn't using cheat engine, it was glitching. I know of 2 glitches that would allow him to do those things. The fire buff invovles using another weapon that I don't want to describe to avoid more people glitching. The other thine other other move I thing involves a weapon swap as well.