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Bruh, I just died to one
Saw one in the Anor Londo painting room, but it fell to its death before it even saw me
I saw like 3 tonight
I died to a bad vagrant in the Chasm of the Abyss during my run to Manus. He was positioned before the long bridge next to the spell caster enemy above.
An hour of fighting and exploring just to die to a *****ing crab
I died to one trying to take a picture.
so i will never see those because im offline ?
I have years and i didn't know this existed too
Just got my first one on my first Remastered run. On top of the tower at the taurus demon arena. After ~180 hours of Dark Souls 1. :D
Got my cheeks clapped by an evil red one in the dukes archives. I went to rest at the bonfire without knowing it was near, sat down, lost half my health randomly so I was forced out of the bonfire, and there it was. It killed me. I still have nightmares about this.


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Do these only appear if someone you're playing with (or you while online) dies in your world? I just found my first one next to the big knight in undead parish, the columns blocked most of the spikes thankfully
I found one in a corner at the bottom of blighttown. It wasn't hostile until I swung on it. It dropped a gold coin. First and only one I've ever encountered.
I've encountered a decent number, and i don't think i have as many hours as some people