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The parry build was meta, but he made one fatal slip, when he tried to match the strength build with the hunk of iron on his hip
Hunk of iron on his hiiiiiiiiip....
Always start an engagement with warcry. As others have stated, the R1, will always combo into another R1, and then R2 will roll catch, and if they don't roll you hit them anyway. Fool proof. Keep in mind you won't do the R2 roll catch unless warcry is active, and it's quite brief. Yes the range is a drawback for sure but range is less important because you're looking for trades. Don't use this weapon ninja flipping around and trying to poke. The R1 either one or two handed has hyper armor, and if you're pure strength then that's more points for health, endurance, and vitality, so the trades will almost always be in your favor, especially after they get hit by the R1,R1, buffed R2. If they're still alive they won't be able to trade again.
It feels like this was made to be off-handed with a longsword, the combos feel crisp
*casually swings around a 6k pound axe in his left hand*
I'll never forgive Miyasaki for not making it an ´´[removed scaling on heavy infusion.
I always enjoyed the play style of "take a hit to give a hit" and this bad boy let's me live it
so what inbred ***** coded the*****ty drop rates in this game? did they keep the same worthless ***** from ds2? i have soon earned 10k from killing the same ***** for an hour now and he only gives 88 souls
lmao this brainlet doesn't know you can just grab it from a corpse on top of the bridge in farron swamp
Many ppl underestimate this weapon for being slow and having a short range, but the 2nd warcry r2 is really deceptive. Can be used after a roll, the shoulder tackle has good range and staggers a lot with hyperarmor to tank greatswords and the double chop at the end deals some serious damage.
Got this early on, charged a couple R2's and then finished off Vordt with two R1's. No upgrades or anything.
Upgrade it to + 4 and you can cut the dancer s head off
This useless axe is shorter than my diick, plus pathetic damage...........Casuls don't use this in pvp or you will be screwed so hard by smart players with better weapons, especially pro pkcs users.
Just git guts and parry, or use greatlance offhand
Imagine thinking that using the pkcs makes you a pro.
Tested this off hand with dark sword on right hand and found an r1 + l2 + r2 truecombo. Tried several times on drakeblood knight and couldn't roll out of it but idk if it works against players.