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Say whatever you want, you blue f@cks. You know what you did and you know what kind of dragonoid waifu is gonna pay for it.
As a newer player I have to say if you intend to use be in this covenant you should be competent at pvp. No darkmoon blade thats arrived when I'm invaded has ever been of any help, all completely trashed by the invaders giving them free estus. My friends and I are probably better off alone trying to finish this game. To other new players I say join the struggle and learn to fight back, don't depend on these garbage covenant reward farmers.
Wish it allowed you to invade those who are in anor londo/irithyll as a dark blue spirit, and when you kill the host you get a Concord, then scrap the aldritch faithful covenent or change it to the cathedral of the deep
Friendly Tip: If you get invaded, switch your covenant to Way of Blue while the invader is there. You'll give people the chance to help you and level up
You'll also demonstrate how much of a worthless piece of sht you are. "Champiin of ash" my ***...
The above anon is a salty boi, but yes, I also do this! I love seeing invaders struggle to win against weaker fighters. Usually, if you allow the summoned Blades to fight a while, it helps them learn the PvP mechanics, as well as give them a chance for a well-earned achievement. If you're Invading others, and you are try-hard enough to warrant rolling yourselves off of nearby cliffs, bridges, or getting solo'd by a zombie, then this game isn't for you! It gives me a solid bit of entertainment, and I consider it the best part of PvP, imho <3
It also helps us get proofs, which is extremely difficult on its own. Not because it's hard to do, but because of how many goddamn days I've spent farming just to have 10 proofs.
all blues are trash, change my mind
Whoever can't do sht on it's own is trash
all reds are*****, change MY mind
blue are cool, they keep you red scum away l0l0l0l hope you enjoy being ganked and pointed down
all invaders are the apitomy of human greed, arrogance, and jackassness
Bro, I'm just trying to get that miracle for the trophy. Blame From.
Why can't people just accept that summons and invasions are part of the game? Going onto fextralife to whine about how you got your *** kicked, either by an invader or summon won't fix anything. I've found invasions and summons to really be equal. Sure, a coward invader who runs to enemies isn't fun. Sure password sl600 ganksquads aren't fun. But just accept it's part of the game and move on. To people complaining about gankers, play smart and don't fight them face on. To people complaining about invasions, they have less health than you, if you lose in a fight, it isn't some magical buff that invaders have. If you really keep dying to invaders, and somehow can't get better at pvp, then play offline. Just accept the game has features you don't like, and have fun, it's a game, christ.
True dat
So reds hate blues. Blues hate reds. Aldriches hate Blues. Whites hate Aldriches. Reds hate whites. Aldriches hate yellows. Reds hate yellows. Yellow loves everyone. And about everyone hates Mad, whilst Mad hates everyone... I get that all right?
All sounds correct to me, except Blues also hate Aldriches. Its a mutual hate.
Aldrich's also hate reds and reds hate Aldrich's
As a Mad, I can say we're not ALWAYS trying to kill everyone. Well, sometimes for me, anyway. I like being a "helpful" invader and give items then crystal out, but some "invadees" don't want said help and try to kill anyway. *Sighs.*
all the people who say that the darkmoon/blue sentinels covenants are for trash furries can look at their own reasons for stopping someones progress threw a horribly punishing game just to delete there progress in that area and drop all of there souls in a place where they might not get back to alive. These covenants are important for balance and lore, so shut up invaders and take it fair.
The main reason i hate darkmoon covenant is because is copy paste from blue sentinels. It would be ok if it were like it was in dark souls 1, but from was too lazy to put a sin penalty system in the game.
Does the summon work on level base? so you will only be summon by player that's 10 levels within yours?