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Solaire isn't the Carthus Sandworm. The Onion Knight cooked Solaire and made estus soup.
It was BIG, s c a r y, and pink!



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It seems it is possible, either through a bug or the right circumstances, for the worm to turn around and hit anyone on the rock behind it with its lightning attack. This happened to me recently as well as a blue that was with me.
Poor Solaire
I think the carthus sandworm is based on the Mongolian death worm, which is a cryptid that people claim exists in the gobi desert. There hasn't been any proof of it's existence, but it's said to be able to kill from a distance by spitting poison or using lightning.
So, I was just doing my normal Lake run as I would with any character, and the gd worm TURNED AROUND. I don't know if they updated the thing, but it might no longer be safe to just sit behind the rock behind it anymore and bait the ballista shots.
it does, im still baiting it for life, like yesterday