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Is this acquirable in the campaign as well? i've bought it in survival but there is little info elsewhere about this item.
Same. Broke my heart.
It is only gotten via beating Survival.
I have not seen it in campaign yet.. However it gets added to your account for all your characters if you kill 10 bosses in 1 run on survival. I died on boss 10 last night D:
5 bosses on survival = survivor goggles (20% scrap bonus+ scrap drops more often from breakables) 10 bosses on survival = heros sword (Item listed above, glows blue and has an extended range when charged) 50 bosses on survival = loop of prosperity (metal pickups are doubled) 75 bosses on survival = daredevil's charm (Increase all DMG by 25% per unequipped armor and take 1% more damage per peice missing) 90 bosses on survival = Black rose (Increase your CHEST armor set as if you were wearing 1 more peice) All of these must be done in ONE run to unlock. Any difficulty. Multiplayer works too. Good luck..
All of these unlock to your ACCOUNT so any player you have can equip them.
Sorry this was wrong info, 10 consecutive kills is hero sword, 50 and 100 kills can be done in multiple runs
I died on boss 9 :( More people should play survival, its fun!
hero sword stats base:48 +1:52.8 +2:57.6 +3:62.4 +4:67.2 +5:72 +6:75.8 +7:81.6 +8:86.4 +9:91.2 +10:96 +11:100.8 +12:105.6 +13:110.4 +14:115.2 +15:120 +16:124.8 +17:129.6 +18:134.4 +19:139.2 +20:144
this weapon is underwhelming, and garbage. just stick to worldbreaker/ Scar of the jungle god. Seriously.


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Even if its stats are lackluster, it is at least a nice nod to the tutorial segment, and it makes for a nice collector’s item too
I find swords a lot of fun with buffed attack speed. The AOE on this thing is amazing... its more pure-damage than Smolder is (no fire DOT). I dont like Worldbreaker as much as this, honestly.
As ball-bustingly luck-based as Survival Mode is, you'd think killing ten bosses would net you something a lot more powerful than this.
Anyone else notice the whispering when you have the sword out
Yes I do xD