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Note that when his crystal is broken, he will always do a roaring animation. You can abuse this by getting him to destroy it himself while standing as close to him as possible, then circle around and get some free hits on the middle tail.
I equipped Sun's Firstborn ring + Dusk Crown, attuned WotG, made him destroy the crystal, and I got the sword on the third try, and I *****ing suck at getting that thing without help. Granted I had 50 faith, but still.
This weapon's scaling is ASSSSS

Did laugh
I understand why people disliked this, they didn’t look a the stats... I find this comment hilarious, thank you very much.
Can someone give me this sword on unleveled on ps4 name is death_player_13
I’m seriously curious to see how Fromsoftware’s gonna make this thing look and act in Elden Ring... I’m also excited for the lore behind it cuz I’m a big f*cking nerd for some good lore.
its gonna be dropped by some kind of dragon guaranteed