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Remember when the triple shot uzi was amazing with this? Yeah then From released a crossbow that did more damage per bolt and fired more projectiles as well so screw balance I guess



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Better stock up on these and Explosive Bolts if you're planning on going into NG+, 'cause it's saving Greirat and having him die at Lothric Castle all over again.
Also useful in PVP if your opponent is almost dead but has tears of denial. Indeed, he will probably receive more than 1 shard, making tears of denial useless. Super efficient in PVE to bleed to death the sin monstruosities in the profaned capital.


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great for killing someone's frame rate on console
After using this bolts in multiple PVP instances I can safely say that this bolts has it's niche and it does it well. The bolt's costly, but worth every penny if you struggle with ToD users and people running away at low hp. This bolt will more than likely hit multiple times and has a wide AoE that even attempting to roll from is risky at best and impossible at worst (for the target). The bolt doesn't stagger enemies on hit, is completely blocked by a shield and the bleed buildup is unnoticeable when invading unless you already got a fair amount of bleed proc on the enemy. In general this bolt shouldn't be your go-to in many cases and should be used as a secondary bolt just in case alongside the exploding bolt which compliments this bolt's wide and weak damage with it's precise and heavy damage.
Don't have a PlayStation and want to play Bloodbourne? Equip these and go fight Monstrosities of Sin.
One might think that it would ve great with repeating crossbow, but the tests had awful results. The avelyn does the job better, and i'd say the bolts splits into more shards when shot from the avelyn.