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Mace Windu
Does it scale with dusk crown?
I would think so since it's increased by the Magic Clutch ring.
Would anyone be willing to trade 27 Concords for my few dozen full silver knight armor sets? I think it's a great deal!
Cant trade the covenant turn in materials
Even if you could a bunch of the same armor set is worth nothing, and if you farmed there you would get more value.
"woosh...." Did you just say woosh? ehhh at least you didn't say "r/woooosh"
fromsoft loved this covenant so much they put it in the game 2 more times under the names of "blue sentinels" and "way of blue"
Way of blue is different from the blades of the darkmoon and blue sentinels. When a member of way of blue is invaded a blade or blue sentinel will be automatically summoned though blades and sentinels are pretty much the same
I love seeing how many people have struggled to farm for items in this game... here I am, sitting with every item in the game on NG of 80 hours played, and at least two copies of every base, non-transposed item.. It's not rocket science, just kill stuff to get items and souls, Homeward Bone or Coil Fragment respawn, and then kill, kill, kill again. EZ! <3
Okay but you’re still missing a lot of stuff, I believe there is still new items up until ng+3 (so ng+2 has the last batch of new items) and if you do that plus all the transposed items then it might be impressive
Or you know, not waste your time and just cheat engine it in.
Must be pretty rewarding cheating items into a video game
Must be pretty rewarding wasting hours grinding in a video game
Here.. a Nazeem but in DS3 :p