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This guy is super easy! I just got done beating Rom in a F/R/C depth 5 chalice and forgot to repair my weapon in the dream when I took him on in NG+11. Destroyed him in like 30 seconds with a broken stake driver had to switch to the regular torch to add more challenge to this “fight”. People need to get great. Btw I was SL 4 and had a broken pinky from fingering so many b*tches.
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that rain in fishing hamlet must be from all the casual tears. if you skill-less whiners want to know "tough", i suggest getting ds2, joining the covenant of champions, and hopping over to brume tower so raime can fulfill his quota of crying scrubs pulverized into ash. and after that you can chill over at super weenie hut jrs with other assblasted losers discussing how bloodborne is not "fair" loooool
That’s child’s play try ringing the bell that increases difficulty in sekiro and fighting sword saint isshin,that is god status
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All CoC does is add a forced ng+ cycle you tool, Raime is still a fair fight after that, especially when you have low equip load
That’s cute try fighting Gael at starting soul level in ds3
Achtsually, this boss is trivial if you can follow my epic gamer tips. First I like to practice with my IRL Masamune blade. Then after I’m good and sweaty, I run my fingies through my greasy neck beard to apply lubrication to them and the controller. Less friction means more fluid button presses. Once the orphan falls i tip my fedora. And that’s how you game my babies.
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Chadly gamer strat: post how easy a boss was for you in bloodborne in the comments on the fextralife wiki. Every women within a 30 mile radius will want to have sex with you! Never be lonely again
I tried this, the hot singles in my area started beating down my door. Help me, it's been 2 weeks and they haven't stopped trying to get in. I'm running out of canned food, and if I don't get help soon please contact my relatives at-
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beat him third try, only took me once in his second stage. i know, i am very sexy
This is one boss I wish was harder, and a longer fight. Maybe if he didn't stagger. I love this boss fight so much, but once you can learn how to dodge his attacks, it's so much quicker. This is easily an S tier boss fight in terms of fun, it's fast paced, and promotes learning the boss' mechanics, not just giving the boss one shot attacks with huge hitboxes (cough laurence cough)
This game sucks, From Shiitware is awful at making challenging games that aren't even hard or skill-demanding, they're just clunky, lazily designed, full of issues (camera, lock on, attacks clipping through walls etc), gimmicks (massive tracking and delay in enemy attacks, frenzy BS, etc). Hope their HQ building collapses crushing them all (especially Myiazaki) to death :DDD
crying cause bad
Imagine being such a little scrub at the game that you post this nonsense.
imagine being so stupid you get baited by this nonsense
pitiful, really
Obvious troll is obvious.
I just beat it on my first try. Maybe I was too OP at level 153 but it seemed easier than expected. Frankly the whole DLC did.
Extremely high level but the game allows you to tackle it at any level you want so there’s no problem once you’re not bragging about it