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Does anybody know the martial art(s) or fighting style(s) that the bone fists attacks are based off of?
Does anyone know if it's possible to get the bone fist for my bogus ps3 sotfs version online ? Like maybe from someone with the ps4 real sotfs, would it work for the ps3 sotfs?
It's Bajiquan(Hakkyokuken in japanese), Japan seems to love this chinese art since Akira from Virtua Fighter. It seems Champion Gundyr from DS3 does the same.
Looks a bit like Hung Gar style.
can some one give me bone fists im on sotfs pc my steam is kesw12
Seeing Bandai Namco made this game the combination that is used for the one handed stance is similar to a combo that LEO uses in the tekken series. So I'd be it's safe to say what ever style Leo's charter is using would be the same as bone fist three hit combo. As for the heavy attack low to fist that's def a tekken style combo. Whi ch I is also made by Bandai Namco
It seems to be very similar to Karate.
It uses Blacksmith Andre Style
R2 move looks identical to a combo that Paul uses in the game Tekken
It's so piss poorly written I have no idea where the hell to find those things.
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foot to face.... best feeling
ds1 had dragon bone fist
ds2 had this
ds3 has nothing
Demon fists
Demon fists suck hard
Demon fists got dat smexy arse weapon art, live a little
but bone fists are the best, i love getting drop kicked
Dark souls 3 has the pontiff eye rings and the old wolf curved greatsword. Use those with the caestus and you will see a mighty fist weapon indeed
It's following a pattern; take away a fundamental element of the weapon. DS1: Dragon Bone Fist. DS2: Bone Fist. DS3: Fist. Dark Souls 4, therefore, will not allow the player to have no weapons equipped, as fists will be banned forever, confirmed.
I just got the item from the dlc and got invaded straight after that and i rekt the invader lmao
please summon me in frigid i need bone fist i also can help you with the *****ing frozen reindeer my name is okairo giru thx
i m on SL 213 anyone ? i need bone fist
When you're bored, you can use this to make enemies/NPCs fall off cliffs... Like the NPC in Majula, flying kick them off The Pit. Even if you lack the required stats, the 1h R2 and flying kick attacks can still knock people flying... Do this only if you're playing a sinner character or do backup saves though.
Can anyone give me this?
No! My Bone Fist! >:(
its 3 years old, he likely already got it, unless he broke an ain't got no Dee el Cee