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Lore wise, has anyone ever thought about Irithyll and Minas Ithil/Ithilien from LOTR? Cold land, white buildings, and strong emphasis on the moon? Ithil in LOTR means moon, so Ithillien being "City of the Moon" seems really close to Irithyll. IMO, at least.
Gorgeous view ahead!
theres a special place in hell for whoever though that Aldrich ***** was a good idea what a *****ing horrible boss
I feel good exploring in DS, but this game I literally do not have this desire, it seems to me that each NPC aside from some has a moveset to make any DS1 and DS2 boss jealous, this makes the game really tiring
Irithyll of the Combo Valley
I got wood grain ring +2 on ng+2. Not sure how to describe the area where I found it but its after the building with the 3 knights are that are after the kitchen. Right as you exit the building make a right and it should be there. Best as I can explain it sorry
The map misses a soul of a weary warrior. Head towards point A from the area with the Witchtree Branch and the Dorthys' Gnawing spell and it should be on a corpse handing on the balcony just to your right.
People say they hate fight clubs here. Then try invading instead of putting down the red soapstone and enjoy the organised gank squads.